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Dear Amy,

I wanted to thank you so much for helping make Jordan's Bar Mitzvah a memorable day. Knucklehead was a big hit. We had never seen or heard of your concept, but fell in love with it. Obviously, Knuckleheads is the rage!!! At the Bar Mitzvah, all of the children were clamoring for the opportunity to make a DVD. We, as a family really enjoyed watching the master DVD of all the songs/performances. I think the highlight was watching my parents (who are in their late 60's) and an aunt, who is in her 80's, sing New York New York. Every part of the Knucklehead Production was perfect, from the set up to the clean up. Amy, you were very professional, and interacted well with my guests. I have already passed your cards out to friends and colleagues. I wish you a happy holiday season and continued good luck with Knucklehead.

Sincerly, Renee Kreutzer-Kasner, Ed.D.

Curriculum and Instruction

Hi Knuckleheads,

Once again, I want to thank you. The party was a big hit, but everyone I mean family, friends, other vendors, loved your party favor (Knucklead Video). We watched the Master DVD last night and were so excited to see everyone having a ball with it. This is a life time keepsake that was truly unique and special to see grandparents, parents, kids enjoying themselves and going home with the memories and good times is truly magnificent. You made the party and we did have a lot of other wonderful things going on. Thanks again, Ill keep in touch and share with both schools your business.



Beth R. Herman

Executive Assistant of Education

Mirochnick Religious School

B'nai Torah Congregation

6261 SW 18th Street

Boca Raton, FL 33433

I couldnt have said it any better having a picture of family members dancing or sitting at a table for a wedding or bar mitzvah and looking back at it years later is nice but sometimes bittersweet because of the people who have gotten old or ill or have passed on but seeing them in a goofy silly Knucklehead bit is something that you can laugh about every time you watch it especially the older relatives it puts a large smile on my face just thinking about it now

Paul A. Herman, Esq.

Dear Amy and Guido,

Thank you for making our party extra special. The guests truly loved the magazine photos. What a great idea, the way that they are displayed in a 8x10 acrylic frame just really maked them look spectacular. All the other Bar-Mitzvah's we have been to have photos, but not like this. My best friend already told me her son wants these as a party favor at his Bar-Mitzvah.

Working with both of you has been a pleasure, thank you again.

Toni S.

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